Kaze No Mori

by Yucho Shuzo

Kaze No Mori is produced by Yucho Shuzo in Nara prefecture, the birthplace of sake in Japan. Cult brewer and advocate of Muroka, Yamamoto san strives to preserve the purity, delicate nuances and richness of unfiltered sake.  Only No. 7 yeast is used for all Kaze No Mori. Enjoy the changing flavours over time as the bubbles dissipate and temperature changes. This sake is very hard to get in Japan and prized by sake afficionados.

Kaze No Mori

Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 5 720ml

Toffee apple, pear, Seville orange and yuzu with an incredibly juicy texture. Black sticker will change to pink when the sake is ready to drink.

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