Handmade Crystal Sake Glass - Yellow 80ml

$28.95 AUD

Sake glass made by the hands of Dentokougei master craftsmen, a prestigious title for artisans who have reached the pinnacle of their art as bestowed by the Japanese government. Dentoukougeishi must use particular techniques with at least 100 years tradition that have been slowly refined throughout time.

  • Height: 5.2cm. Diameter at top: 6.5cm. Capacity: 80ml.
  • Note: Please handwash. Not recommended for dishwashers.
  • Handmade Semi Lead Crystal - glass with 10% < 24% lead oxide which gives this crystal it's superb clarity/transparency.

Note: As this product is handmade the pattern will be unique to each glass and will differ from the photo.

Orders despatched Tuesday to Friday

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