Oita Ryu No Hitomi Shochu 720ml

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This honkaku shochu is distilled from a premium local rice called Ryu no Hitomi or Eye of the Dragon.

Subtle wild strawberries on the nose reflect the famed sweet aroma of Ryu no Hitomi rice. The palate is mild, slightly sweet with a hint of spice. A great shochu to sip straight up or with the addition of a little water.

Tasting notes are based on an initial serving temperature of 20℃ served straight up.

  • Name:Oita Ryu No Hitomi Shochu 720ml
  • Producer: Oita Brewery
  • Brand:Oita
  • Classification:Honkaku Shochu
  • Shochu Type:Kome - Rice
  • Distillation:Vacuum distilled
  • Region:Gifu, Japan


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

Serving Temperature

Drink neat, on the rocks, maewari, mizuwari or oyuwari.

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