Sake Tumbler Silky Series 150ml - Osaka Suzuki

$75.95 AUD

This sake cup fits perfectly in the palm to enjoy a decent sized pour of sake.

Legend has it that tinware improves the taste of many alcoholic beverages. It is said to absorb impurities and make drinks more delicious while keeping beer colder with a more persistent head. Cheaper sake is made less harsh and tea is improved due to the purifying effect of tin on water. True or false Osaka Suzuki makes the best tinware in Japan which exudes quality at the slightest touch.


We love Osaka Suzuki tinware. Sakewise - From personal experience tin actually does affect the taste of sake. Sake tastes smoother - great for your richer varieties and genshu. For lighter and more delicate sake we recommend glassware and porcelain/ceramics.

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