Hot Sake Thermometer

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An essential tool for enjoying hot sake.


  • Place the thermometer in a porcelain tokkuri or sake tampo filled with sake.
  • Boil some water in a pot (enough water to cover to the neck of the tokkuri) and turn the heat off.
  • After turning the heat off place the tokkuri in the pot and watch the thermometer rise to the sought after temperature.
  • The sake is ready to serve. Pour the hot sake from the tokkuri ideally into prewarmed sake cups or ochoko.


  • Never heat the thermometer up over 60℃
  • The bottom part of this thermometer may break because the glass of the bottom of it is very thin.
  • Keep your eyes on the thermometer when you heat sake.
  • Do not put the tokkuri or the thermometer in the pot while it is boiling.


Note: The active component in the thermometer is oil - kerosene (not mercury), common with alcohol thermometers.


See here for more information on How To Heat Sake and our Hot Sake Guide

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