by Sato Shuzo

Senbazuru is the brand of 3rd generation brewer Sato Shuzo from Oita prefecture, Kyushu Japan. The translation of Senbazuru is "A thousand paper cranes", named after the novel of Nobel Prize Winner Yasunari Kawabata who was friends with the President of Sato Shuzo at the time. Compared to other brewers in Oita prefecture, Sato Shuzo specialise in sake only (and not shochu) and produce rare kimoto and yamahai styles.


Senbazuru Minenoshizuku Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Light & refreshing, whispers of apple, pear, fennel, starfruit.

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Senbazuru Yamahai Zukuri 720ml

Lemon, apricot and raisin with a clean finish.

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Senbazuru Junmaishu 720ml

This sake is earthy, smooth and clean with an umami rich, creamy palate that treads the line between savoury and sweet. Enjoy 15-25C.

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Senbazuru Kimoto Junmai 720ml

Old school kimoto, medium dry sake with palate of roasted nuts, dried apricot and burnt caramel. Drink 20C.

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Senbazuru Daiginjo 720ml

Multi award winning, complex aromatic sake best enjoyed 15-20℃. When it hits temperature, there is an explosion of flavour across the palate, savoury n' sweet melon.

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Senbazuru Aged Daiginjo 900ml

Layers of flavour are ever changing as the sake warms in the glass with custard apple, pineapple, brown sugar, raisin, melon and papaya.

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