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Dewatsuru Daiginjo Koshu Ideha no Mezame 720ml

Aged Daiginjo to sip and savour. Kept in bottle at low temp for 20 years. Savoury caramel, honey, spice, pleasant astringency with a dry finish.

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AUD $288.95
Toko Dewanosato Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml

A refreshing session sake. Imagine driving through Twin Peaks with melting snow surrounded by Douglas Firs while eating fruit salad of starfruit, spearmint and pear.

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AUD $46.95
Yamamoto Ice Pink 720ml

Superpremium sake. Black ruby plum, lychee, white flowers, sweet apple.

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AUD $158.80
Hanzo Daiginjo Iga Yamada Nishiki 720ml

Very refreshing sake with a linear palate of melon and rosewater and a hint of fresh cream and orange peel.

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AUD $108.80
Dewatsuru Junmai Ginjo Omachi 720ml

Limited edition sake made from Omachi rice. Enjoy pear, sour plum, muscat grape and peach.

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AUD $48.95
Kuromatsu Hakusen Hana 720ml

2023 IWC Gold award winning Junmai Ginjo. Hana lives up to its name (meaning flower) with pretty floral aromas and mix of orange, starfruit, fennel and pink musk on the palate.

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AUD $38.95

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