Kome Shochu

Made from rice

Ever wondered what happened to the leftover sake kasu? Well some of it is distilled and sold as kasutori shochu. Kome shochu can also be distilled from a rice moromi specifically brewed to make shochu.

Kome - Rice

Hanamikura Daiginjo Kasutori Shochu 720ml

Honkaku shochu distilled from the pressings of Hanamikura super premium daiginjo sake. Complex rice shochu with subtle aromas of cardamon & anise. Very mild smooth and refined palate with hints of Hanamikura Kuro daiginjo.

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Oita Ryu No Hitomi Shochu Sherry Cask 720ml

Limited edition of just 1000 bottles. Stored in white oak sherry barrels imported from Spain.

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