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Some sparkling sake undergoe a second bottle fermentation similar to Champagne whilst other sparkling are simply dosed with carbon dioxide. One day the final question on "Who want's to be a Millionaire" will be - "Why is sparkling sake that undergoes secondary bottle fermentation always cloudy?" Is it:

  • A - because Japanese law requires sparkling sake to be cloudy?
  • B - Sake cannot be riddled like champagne because it is too volatile?
  • C - Sake yeast doesn't clump together so it cant be disgorged?
  • D - It would make sparkling sake too expensive?

Want to know the answer? Take a WSET Level 3 sake course and find out.


Kariho Rokushu Sparkling Sake 720ml

Dry sparkling sake with a fine and persistent bead. Lean minerally palate with hints of green banana, croissant and limestone.

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