by Akita Seishu

Kariho brewery was established in 1913, and translates as harvested grain, named after a poem by Emperor Tenchi as a symbol of respect for the farmers who work so hard cultivating the rice fields. Kariho is a very special brewery, one of the few to press all of their sake in a traditional "fune". Pressing in the traditional method takes 2 days and is an integral step in making the well balanced, mature sake that Kariho is famous for.


Kariho Junkei Karakuchi 720ml

Dry session sake from Akita. Earthy, umami rich sake with notes of lemon and spice. Drink from an ochoko cup for best flavour.

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Kariho Rokushu Sparkling Sake 720ml

Dry sparkling sake with a fine and persistent bead. Lean minerally palate with hints of green banana, croissant and limestone.

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