by Akita Seishu

Dewatsuru translates as "Crane of the Dewa Region", a name symbolising the elegance of their Akita sake. The Dewatsuru brewery produces one of the most diverse portfolios of sake in Akita. Makers of organic sake - Matsukura - before organic was in; to their Sakura Emaki sake produced from 1000 year old purple rice strains found in the ancient ruins of Hotta no saku. Taste your way through the Dewatsuru portfolio, it will be hard to pick a favourite.


Dewatsuru Junmai Daiginjo Marlin 720ml

A well balanced blend of honeysuckle, musk melon and ripe orange with hints of pleasant bitterness.

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Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai 720ml

Dry, earthy old school sake. Shiitake and shoyu on the nose. Palate of lime and mushroom. Dry, short, clean finish.

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Dewatsuru Junmai Ginjo Omachi 720ml

Limited edition sake made from Omachi rice. Enjoy pear, sour plum, muscat grape and peach.

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Dewatsuru Daiginjo Koshu Ideha no Mezame 720ml

Aged Daiginjo to sip and savour. Kept in bottle at low temp for 20 years. Savoury caramel, honey, spice, pleasant astringency with a dry finish.

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