Hanamikura Daiginjo Kasutori Shochu 720ml

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Honkaku shochu distilled from the pressings of Hanamikura super premium daiginjo sake.

A complex rice shochu with subtle aromas of cardamon, anise and stacks of ¥10,000 bank notes. A very mild smooth and refined palate with hints of Hanamikura Kuro daiginjo.

Yamada Nishiki sake rice milled to 35% of the grain remaining.

Tasting notes are based on an initial serving temperature of 20℃ served straight up.

Shochu is generally about 25% alcohol which is not overly strong for a spirit so it can be enjoyed quite readily. However in Japan the shochu otaku will water down their shochu to about the strength of wine / to taste and let it sit for a day or so. This method is called Maewari and can bring out the aromas and subtle flavours in the shochu.

  • Name:Hanamikura Hanakon Shochu 720ml
  • Producer: Hakusen Shuzo
  • Brand:Hanamikura
  • Classification:Honkaku Shochu
  • Shochu Type:Kome - Rice
  • Distillation:Atmospheric
  • Region:Gifu, Japan


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

Serving Temperature

Drink neat, on the rocks, maewari, mizuwari or oyuwari.

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