Hanamikura Hanakon Shochu 720ml

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Hanamikura Hanakon proves that good imo doesn't necessarily have to come from Kagoshima.

Imo is our favourite style of shochu and this example has us excited. The palate is big, rich and screaming with imo character. It finishes clean begging for another sip. Honkaku shochu best served on the rocks.

Tasting notes are based on an initial serving temperature of 20℃ served straight up.

Hanakon's purple sweet potato is from the local Gifu prefecture.

Shochu is generally about 25% alcohol which is not overly strong for a spirit so it can be enjoyed quite readily. However in Japan the shochu otaku will water down their shochu to about the strength of wine / to taste and let it sit for a day or so. This method is called Maewari and can bring out the aromas and subtle flavours in the shochu.

  • Name:Hanamikura Hanakon Shochu 720ml
  • Producer: Hakusen Shuzo
  • Brand:Hanamikura
  • Classification:Honkaku Shochu
  • Shochu Type:Imo - Sweet Potato
  • Distillation:Atmospheric
  • Region:Gifu, Japan


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

Serving Temperature

Drink neat, on the rocks, maewari, mizuwari or oyuwari.

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