For The Love Of Sake - Inner West Courier

Jillian McKee, Inner West Courier, 25th July 2017

Page 3: Leigh Hudson is on a mission to spread the word about sake. He has just opened Sydney's first sake shop in Stanmore after falling in love with the fermented beverage made out of fermented rice. A chef, sake expert and devotee of the Japanese culture, Mr Hudson's Sakeshop offers sake tastings and workshops. "The Inner West is really happening and the type of people here tend to be a little more cultured so everyone has been really open to it," he said. See more on page 36.

Page 36 - Attention all Japanese lovers - Sydney's firsts sake shop has just opened its doors in the inner west. Sakeshop in Stanmore offers Japanese beer and sake as well as tastings, classes and educational workshops...

Sake Shop to solve mystery

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