How to drink shochu

Honkaku shochu is the most premium form of shochu - single distilled.

Honkaku shochu is generally bottled at about 25% alcohol, which is higher than sake or wine, but not as strong as whisky, gin, or vodka.


This is a practice amongst aficionados of pre-diluting shochu with water (6 parts water/4 parts shochu) and letting it sit for a day or more to settle in before drinking. The flavour becomes quite soft and mellow.

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Straight up or on the rocks

Yes please! Probably the most common way to enjoy honkaku shochu is on the rocks or rocks with a little water or soda. Alternatively keep a bottle in the fridge to enjoy cold without diluting with ice.

Hot or cold water – Mizuwari or Oyuwari

Dilute about 2 parts cold water to 3 parts shochu and drink like wine.

Use hot water in winter for the ultimate winter warmer.

Unleash the inner mixologist

Use shochu as a cocktail base - a whole new ingredient to infuse, shake, blend and stir.

From experience different types of shochu are better served one way over another. And the best way to find out? … Experiment.


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