Inoue Shuzo, Oita Japan

Inoue Shuzo

Est. 1804, Oita prefecture, Japan.

Inoue Shuzo are producers of Kakunoi sake and Momosuke premium single distilled barley shochu. They are famous for the exquisite aroma of their shochu, in Japanese: "hanayaka na kaori".

Their brewery/distillery is blessed with the pristine subsoil waters of the Hikosan mountains. Beginning as snow and rain falling at the foot of Mt Hikosan, the water has filtered very slowly through layers of volcanic rock called Yabakei deep underground near Otsurudani, finally reaching the well of the brewery. The result: a beautiful mineral balance of water, a key ingredient in their shochu.

6th generation brewer and distiller, traditional techniques and skills have been inherited and maintained over two centuries.


Their philosophy is simple, to provide their customers with genuinely amazing shochu. We are quite sure they have succeeded.

Inoue Shuzo are obsessive about water, barley, flavour and aroma.

The present

6th generation brewer is led by female president Chikako Inoue.

There are 3 family members involved in the brewery.

There are 7 Kurabito (brewery staff) including the Toji (Master Brewer). They produce 1711 koku or 308kL of shochu a year and 561 koku or 101kL of nihonshu a year.

Inoue Shuzo team

While over 50% of their shochu is consumed locally in Oita prefecture, their shochu can also be found in izakaya, restaurant and department stores all over Japan (Hankyu, Kintetsu, Sogo, Tokiwa, Izutsuya).

With previous exports to China, Singapore and Belgium, Australia are their 4th export country.

Multi Award Winner

Momosuke shochu are continuous winners of the honours prize in the regional tax bureau competition ‘Shurui Kanpyokai” (National Bureau’s Research Institute of Brewing” hosted by the National Tax Bureau.

They also received 1st prize amongst 54 shochu brewers at "Shochu Yagaku no Kai" in 2014.

We are proud to be exclusive distributors of Momosuke shochu in Australia.

Momosuke Shochu Online

  • Shodai Momosuke - Gold label - their most popular
  • Noko Momosuke - Blue label
  • Kouseihaku Momosuke - Red label
  • Chokichozo Momosuke - 3+ Year Aged, Japanese Oak

Momosuke Umeshu Online

  • Momosuke Umeshu
  • Momosuke Ginger Umeshu


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