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Jenifer Jagielski, Daily Telegraph, 24th September 2017

When the extent of your experience with rice wine is limited to the piping hot white bottles served at Westernised Asian restaurants, it’s about time for you to head to Stanmore for some insights into Japan’s national beverage, saké. This alcoholic drink has been around for centuries and though its production process differs from wine and beer, it too can range from sweet to dry, cloudy or clear consistency and hot or cold — all of which are a matter of preference and often seasons. For the truly keen, Sake Shop’s co-founder Leigh Hudson offers a Sake 101 class where students will learn everything from food pairings to its significance in centuries-old ceremonial rituals. He even explains its role in business etiquette such as always filling others’ cups first then allowing that person to fill your cup.

— Shop 1, 105 Percival Rd

Eat Street Stanmore

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