Kojima Sohonten, Yamagata Japan

Toko sake brewery


Est. 1597, Yamagata, Japan

Kojima Sohonten produce Toko sake. With a very long history Kojima is Japan's 13th oldest sake brewery and has been run for over 420 years. In the Edo period, the Kojima family was the sake brewer to the Uesugi Daimyo and Uesugi samurai clan and their sake was drunk at many ceremonies and celebrations at Yonezawa castle. The Uesugi clan were in charge of the domain until the end of the Edo period. After the prohibition of alcohol began, Kojima was one of the few brewers permitted to continue operation.

In 1952 the Kojima business became a stock company and was renamed Kojima Sohonten.


Kojima Sohonten is located in the Yonezawa region of Yamagata prefecture. It is the closest brewery to the Mogami River. A heavy snowfall area, the source of the Mogami river is formed from melted snow from Mount Azuma, this water filters through the strata absorbing minerals which becomes groundwater. This headwater is used in both rice farming and sake brewing for Kojima Sohonten.

Multi Award Winning

Toko sake has won various gold medals at prestigious sake competitions in Japan. 

The Toji - master brewer - Katsuyoshi Ito - has been brewing sake at Kojima Sohonten for almost 40 years.

Extremely well crafted, Toko is a firm favourite at Sakeshop.

Toko sake brewing

The present

Ken Kojima


Now in it’s 24th generation under Kenichiro Kojima. There are 10 kurabito (brewery staff) and together they produce 2500 koku/450kL of sake a year. 4 family members are involved in the brewery.

Kojima Honten's mission is to produce sake with first class quality in order to  deliver a culturally rich and refined experience.

Toko can be found in specialist liquor stores in Japan and is exported to UK, Italy, Canada, Austria, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia, Malaysia and US.

Sakeshop - Chef’s Armoury are the sole importer for Toko sake in Australia.

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  • Toko - Junmai
  • Toko - Junmai Ginjo Genshu
  • Toko - Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan
  • Toko Ginjo Umeshu

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