Komachi Shuzo, Gifu Japan

komachi shuzo

Nagaragawa Brewery – The Symphony Sake

Est. 1894, Kakamigahara, Japan

Nagaragawa make local sake for the local people with water from the Nagaragawa River. The Nagaragawa River is one of the big three purest rivers in Japan. The big 3 are Kakitagawa river in Shizuoka, Shimantogawa river in Kochi, and the Nagaragawa river.

Nagaragawa sake was developed for Gifu’s food culture. Gifu is full of mountains and rivers and their food is richer in flavour than the coastal regions of Japan.

Nagaragawa Brewery is famous for playing music at their kura to stimulate alpha and beta waves … in order to create the best environment for the yeast to ferment.

Healing music

Brewer Naofumi Kanetake says:

"As a fundamental principle in Nagaragawa’s sake making, sake is made not by human beings but by nature. Yeasts of sake are living in nature. Therefore I play nature music in order for them to optimally ferment in a natural environment."

"It is said that healing music releases α and β waves. Some studies show the structure of water changes by playing music. But even if playing music, changing sweet sake to dry sake or sake priced at 1000 yen to 5000 yen is impossible. As mentioned, the purpose of music is to create the best environment for the yeast to effectively ferment."

"I play Tomio Miyashita’s healing music in the kura. Miyashita san is a pioneer of healing music in Japan and collaborates with outstanding Japanese musician Kitaro, making healing songs and holding concerts in US and Europe. His albums are sold all over the world. When he suffered from backaches he used music therapy. His healing songs are sold not only from his original label but also from Avex … the biggest music label in Japan."

The present

Komachi Shuzo / Nagaragawa is now in it’s 5th generation under Naofumi Kanetake. There are 3 kurabito (brewery staff) including toji (master brewer) Nagaragawa produces 400 koku/72kL of sake a year.

The majority of Nagaragawa sake is sold to local Gifu liquor stores and restaurants who enjoy the subtle combination of rice and pure water of the Nagaragawa river. Nagaragawa sake is also sold to department stores: Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, Matsuzakaya in Nagoya, Hankyu in Osaka and Sogo in Yokohama. Their sake can also be found in New York and LA.

Nagaragawa’s philosophy is all about the rice...

"I believe that drinking sake is tasting rice. Therefore, my brewery’s fundamental idea about sake making is to develop the maximum taste of the rice. To do so we attempt to create the best environment which enables the yeasts to naturally ferment. My brewery also purchases high-quality ingredients from contract rice farmers as good sake is made from good rice." – Naofumi Kanetake.

kanetake san

Chef’s Armoury are the exclusive distributor for Nagaragawa sake in Australia.

Nagaragawa Sake Online

  • Nagaragawa Junmai Ginjo - most popular sake outside of Japan
  • Nagarawawa Junmai – their most popular sake in Japan
  • Nagaragawa Karakuchi - classic dry sake
  • Nagaragawa Kimoto Junmai Ginjo - latest addition

Nagaragawa Umeshu Online

  • Nagaragawa Umeshu - refreshingly dry


View Nagaragawa Sake Online

View Nagaragawa Umeshu Online

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