Kubota Shuzo, Fukui Japan

Kubota Shuzo - sake brewery

Kubota Brewery – Fukui's Best Kept Secret

Est. 1753, Fukui, Japan

Kubota’s ancestors received a charter from the Daimyo Maruoka Han to brew sake during the Tokugawa Shogunate. The house of Kubota had a special room used for welcoming the Daimyo – vassal Lord.

Kubota Shuzo (not to be confused with Asahi Shuzo’s Kubota sake from Niigata) are a microbrewery producing magnificent sake for the local people. Apart from a small quantity to Taiwan they have never exported before and we truly believe their sake should be enjoyed and discovered all around the world, not just in local Fukui.

Kubota is a rare brewery in that they grow their own Yamada Nishiki sake rice and brew sake from pristine local water pumped up from 200m below ground from the subsoil flows of the Hakusan mountains.

Since the 1960’s Kubota have been using their own in-house developed koji rice making machine. A truly one of a kind invention used in their sake brewing process.

The present

Kubota Shuzo is now in it’s 11th generation. There are 5 kurabito (brewery staff) including toji (master brewer). They produce 300 koku/54kL of sake a year.

90% of Kubota sake is sold to the locals in Fukui with 10% in Tokyo and Osaka. Kubota sake is poured at yakitori bars, unagi or eel restaurants, sushi bars and Japanese restaurants.

Kubota’s philosophy is to brew premium sake harvested from premium sake rice at affordable prices and to be enjoyed with various cuisines.

"We believe that sake is brewed to offer to the gods as an appreciation of an abundant harvest of rice. We grow Yamada Nishiki rice around the brewery. Kubota Brewery also uses Ume (Japanese sour plums) and Yuzu citrus that are picked in the Sakai local province to produce its umeshu and yuzushu." - Naokuni Kubota.

The Kubota logo shows a horse “The Mare which carries happiness forever”. The horse is looking back (which means looking forward to the future) in order to wish prosperity to the next generations.

Kubota Shuzo rice fields


Chef’s Armoury are proud to be the first importer of Kubota Shuzo sake in the western world and are the exclusive distributor for Kubota’s sake in Australia.

Kubota Shuzo Sake Online

  • Tōji Ikkon - Daiginjo
  • Kuranoyado - Junmai Ginjo
  • Fukukoma - Aromatic namazake
  • Yukitohanato - Junmai Nama Genshu - great chilled and oh so good warm

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