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Sato Shuzo

Sato Shuzo - Brewers of Senbazuru Sake

Est. 1917, Oita prefecture, Japan.

Established c. 100 years ago Sato Shuzo are brewers of Senbazuru sake. Senbazuru translates as "a thousand paper cranes", a famous novel by Nobel Prize winner Yasunari Kawabata who was friends with second generation Sato president of the time.

Sato Shuzo is unique in Oita prefecture as they specialise only in sake (most other brewers also focus on shochu). They also brew Kimoto and Yamahai styles of sake, rare for Oita brewers.


Almost 100 years have passed since inception but the corporate philosophy has remained unchanged: To create the sake of taste that is loved by the local people. The soft subsoil waters and cold snowy conditions from Mt Kuju 700m above sea level provide the perfect natural conditions for low temperature fermentation. Sato Shuzo are extremely meticulous in their craft.

The present

Sato Shuzo is led by third generation Katsuhiko Sato. There are 3 family members involved in the brewery. There are 6 kurabito (brewery staff) including Toji (Head Brewer) and together they produce 350 koku / 63kL of sake a year.

Sato Shuzo brews for the local people and the vast majority of their product is consumed in Oita, their home prefecture. Their sake is available at local restaurants, izakaya, local specialist sakeshops and the local department store Tokiwa.

Their Senbazuru Junmai sake is a popular drink with local cuisine - using the unique ingredients of Oita prefecture. If you're ever in Oita visit Orizuru restaurant.

Sato have only very recently started exporting their sake. With previous exports to China and Singapore, Australia are their 3rd export country. We are proud to hold the exclusive agency for Sato Shuzo sake in Australia and feel incredibly privileged to be able to introduce their sake to our country.

18 Gold Medals Winner

Senbazuru Daiginjo is their flagship product and since 1977 has won 18 Gold Medals at the most prestigious sake competition in Japan: Zenkoku Shinshu Kampyoukai or Annual Japan Sake Awards.

This is one brewer you do not want to miss.

Sato Shuzo Sake Online

  • Senbazuru Daiginjo
  • Senbazuru Junmai
  • Senbazuru Yamahai Zukuri
  • Senbazuru Kimoto Junmai
  • Senbazuru Aged Daiginjo


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