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Yamamoto Tomo

Yamamoto - Modern Akita Sake

Est 1901, Akita, Japan.

4th generation brewer Tomofumi Yamamoto has taken the reigns of his family Shirataki brewery. After taking over the role of Toji – Master Brewer, Tomofumi is rare in the Akita sake world in that he is both owner and Toji.

A relative newcomer to the Akita sake scene, former rock band manager in his younger days Tomofumi returned home to look after his family business. Fiercely determined to rock the sake world and raise the bar in his own business, Yamamoto san seized control and manages each step of the brewing process, from the initial milling of the rice through to the final pressing of the sake.

Yamamoto san clearly has the talent. Since taking over the brewery in 2007, they produce three times more sake than before he started and their sake is always sold out well before the end of the brewery year. 90% of Yamamoto brand sake is sold in specialist sake shops and 10% consumed locally by avid Akita supporters.

Yamamoto Sake

The Yamamoto brand of sake was launched in 2007. A series of premium Junmai Ginjo sake all 3 we import are brewed with the same rice – Akitasakekomachi to the same of seimaibuai of 55%, but each with a distinct aroma and palate, stemming from the different yeasts used for each label.


Fragrance, pleasant acidity, clean finish and total balance is what Yamamoto san strives for. The playful nature of his sake’s names speaks to his non-traditional vivacious personality.

In a very short space of time, Yamamoto’s modern styles of sake have reached cult status amongst sake afficionados in Japan. Sakeshop - Chef’s Armoury are the first western county to secure an exclusive allocation of Yamamoto sake every year.

Yamamoto Water

In 1932 the Yamamoto’s developed a 3km pipeline from the spring waters of the World Heritage listed Shirakami Mountains. The soft mineral rich natural water is integral to the flavour of their sake.

The Next 5

Yamamoto san is one of the “Next 5”, a group of five brewery owners in Akita prefecture who have banded together to create a new Akita sake scene.

Every year they create a new sake, with each of the five managing one part of the brewing process. Through their collaboration and sharing of techniques they hope to push the traditional boundaries and create new sake for today’s generation. Their annual sake event in Akita and in Tokyo is one not to miss.

Yamamoto Sake Brewery Corp

The brewery now produces 140,000L of Yamamoto brand sake and 75,600L of the legacy Shirataki brand.

There are 10 kurabito staff including Toji – himself.

Yamamoto sake can be found in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Australia.

Sakeshop - Chef’s Armoury are honoured to be the exclusive agent of Yamamoto sake in Australia.

Yamamoto Sake Online

  • Yamamoto Pure Black
  • Yamamoto Extra Dry Dokara
  • Yamamoto Midnight Blue
  • and other seasonal brews


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