Izakaya Sake Glass Set of 6 - 100ml

$48.00 AUD

6 x Sake Glass 100ml.

As soon as you purse your lips to this traditional Izakaya sake glass you will experience flashbacks of smoke filled rooms, karaoke, grilled saba and drunken salarymen in suits.

This is the gold standard of Izakaya sake glasses and is 100% made in Japan. It has been designed to enhance the characteristics of a wide variety of sake from simple futsushu to complex daiginjo.

This glass feels as good in the hand as it does on the lips and can even be used for hot sake.

  • Height: 9.8cm. Diameter at top: 6cm. Capacity: 100ml.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Soda lime glass.

Orders despatched Tuesday to Friday

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