Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 2 720ml

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This superpremium Junmai Daiginjo is made from locally grown Akitsuho rice milled to a mere 22% seimaibui. (Only 22% of the original rice grain remaining.) This is currently the lowest in the Sakeshop portfolio. 

In comparison to its Kaze no Mori stablemates, Alpha Type 2 is quite restrained, but in terms of the greater sake world it is an exuberant palate of nashi pear, guava, plantain, blood plum, minerals and lemongrass with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The presence of subtle CO2 left over from natural fermentation add to the refreshing nature and accentuates the celebratory feeling of this outstanding sake.

Since mid 2023 our Alpha 2 has been made using a Bodaimoto starter that adds yet another layer of intrigue to the palate. Bodaimoto is an ancient starter method used by only a handful of brewers.

While many Genshu (undiluted sake) are brewed to an ABV as high as 20% this is a very comfortable 16% ABV. Alpha Type 2 is also Nama (unpasteurised) and to retain as much of the original raw flavour as possible it has not undergone any charcoal filtration.

Quite remarkably Kyokai #7 yeast was used along with super low fermentation temperatures to create intense fruit on the palate. Although Kyokai #7 yeast is one of the most popular strains used in today's brewing circles it is not really used as a Ginjo yeast.

Drinking temperature can play a fascinating role in sake enjoyment. Straight out of the fridge Alpha 2 will present as tight, lean and refreshing with a cleansing finish. Let it warm in the glass for a richer, rounder experience. 

Forget Dassai, the brand that should be on your lips is Kaze no Mori.

A superb sake, very limited production. 

This sake has not been pasteurised and should be stored refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

  • Name:Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 2 720ml
  • Brewery: Yucho Shuzo
  • Brand:Kaze No Mori
  • Classification:Junmai Daiginjo
  • Region:Nara, Japan


This product has not been pasteurised and should be stored refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

Serving Temperature

Sweetspot: 5-15°C Recommended range:
5-40°C (chilled, room temp, warm)

Dry - Sweet












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