Kikka Gin - Navy Strength 59% 700ml

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While most gin will be doused in a generous serve of tonic water, Kikka Gin deserves to be sipped without any adulterations. Produced at Yamato Distillery in Nara - an offshoot of Yucho Shuzo, the producers of the insanely delicious Kaze no Mori sake.

Weighing in at a whopping 59% ABV this craft gin is citrus forward with a clean refreshing nose. Despite the high alcohol content, as a sipping gin Kikka has a silky-smooth palate with predominate upfront sweet citrus from the Tachibana followed by mild spice from the Juniper and Touki. We have never tasted a more balanced gin.

If you do feel the need for a splash of tonic, the citrus flavour cuts through so there is no need for any garnish.

Kikka Gin is made by single shot distillation of a rice-based spirit and just three locally sourced botanicals – Tachibana, Touki leaves and Juniper berries.

Yamato Tachibana is a species of wild citrus, a variety of mandarin, one of Japan's oldest citrus fruit and extremely rare. Yamato Touki is a type of Japanese Angelica, the leaves have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Nara has been the centre for traditional medicine in Japan since about 700 A.D.

Production of Kikka gin is very limited - produced in small batches using rare Nara botanicals. If you are a gin drinker this one is not to be missed.

  • Name:Kikka Gin - Navy Strength 59% 700ml
  • Producer: Yamato Distillery
  • Brand:Kikka
  • Classification:Gin
  • Region:Nara, Japan


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

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