Futsushu & Honjozo

Down and dirty

For some sake wankers, Futsushu & Honjozo are the two dirty words of the sake world. Futsushu translates as 'ordinary sake' but there are many that are far from ordinary. In Japan these are the sake that hardworking salarymen turn to for emotional support after a hard day working for the man. Honjozo are part of the elitist Tokutei Meshoshu (that's premium grades of sake) but are sometimes shunned due to a little distilled alcohol being added to the final brew. Honjozo tend to be clean refreshing styles of sake that are far too easy to drink.

Futsushu & Honjozo

Hanamikura Aya 200ml

Palate of peach, chocolate & mild licorice. Fine grained acidity & upfront sweetness. Clean finish. Rare cherry blossom yeast.

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Kirinzan Dento Karakuchi Cup 180ml

Soft, smooth and slightly savoury palate with short clean dry finish.

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