Japanese Sake

If you've tasted Japanese sake before and only ever had a bad experience, prepare to be surprised because you've never tried sake like this. If you've never tried sake, prepare to enjoy a drink that has inspired artists, built a nation, emboldened samurai and inked ten million business transactions. Discover how delicious sake really can be with a collection of just a few of our favourites.

Japanese Sake

Kuromatsu Hakusen Aya 200ml

Palate of peach, strawberry, hint of milk chocolate and almond. Clean finish. Rare cherry blossom yeast.

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Oita Oni Koroshi Dohatsu Shoten Dry 300ml

Big, dry, muscular sake. Palate is addictively dry with almond, cotton candy, strong umami and a crisp acid finish. Drink chilled or warm.

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Daruma Masamune 3 Year Old Koshu 180ml

Dark praline, dried apricot and banana, coffee, chocolate and orange peel.

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Dewatsuru Junmai Matsuri Cup 180ml

Straight from the cup enjoy the bold flavours of Menkoina rice. From a wine glass enjoy notes of honey, caramelised fig, vanilla & liquorice.

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Kubota Shuzo Kuranoyado 180ml

Palate of pear, rockmelon, apple, white flowers. A real crowd pleaser.

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Nagaragawa Junmai Ginjo 300ml

Subtle aroma of white flowers. Palate of pear, lemon, nectar, melon with an orange twist.

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Nagaragawa Junmai 300ml

Hugely popular in Gifu prefecture. Classic easy drinking pure rice sake, aroma of rice cooking on the hearth, hints of spice. Best warm.

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Kariho Yamahai Junmai Chokarakuchi 300ml

Old school yamahai to be drunk warm. Although super dry you can taste the sweet rice character of Miyamanishiki and Akinosei mixed with some mild spice, mandarin and umami.

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