"Fortified" Sake

Kijoshu is a special category of sake. In the final stage of brewing, sake is added instead of water resulting in a sweeter, more full flavoured sake. The kijoshu listed here have no brewing alcohol added or any other additives, so they are pure rice sake, however because of the addition of sake instead of water, they cannot legally be called junmai.


Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 5 720ml

Toffee apple, pear, Seville orange and yuzu with an incredibly juicy texture. Black sticker will change to pink when the sake is ready to drink.

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Hanahato Hana Colombe Sawayaka Kijoshu 500ml

Apple, pear, cherry, mandarin. Refreshing style of Kijoshu.

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Hanahato Kijoshu Oak 2012 300ml

Exquisite kijoshu made with 28yo sake. Orange, oak, coffee, bitter chocolate, fig and apricot.

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Hanahato Kijoshu Aged 8 Years 500ml

The palate is a wild sweet/sour/savoury rollercoaster ride of toffee apple, honey, coffee, toasted hazelnuts and umami.

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