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Oita have been making dry sake since their ancestors launched a sake brewery in the 1720s (Edo period). At that time, sweet sake was regarded as high quality and dry sake unpopular. Moreover, dry sake was thought of as bad sake. Therefore, people said that even ‘Oni’ or demons would die if they drank such dry sake. Many dry sake produced in Japan were nicknamed ‘Oni Koroshi’ which translates as Demon Slayer/Killer, but the original ‘Oni Koroshi’ brand (sadly there was no trademark legislation back in the day) was produced by Oita Brewery.


Oita Junmai Nama Sake 300ml

Unripe melon, apple, banana, butter, daidai citrus and subtle spice. Undoubtedly nama palate.

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Oita Oni Koroshi Dohatsu Shoten Dry 300ml

Big, dry, muscular sake. Palate is addictively dry with almond, cotton candy, strong umami and a crisp acid finish. Drink chilled or warm.

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