by Yamamoto Gomei

Cult brewer Yamamoto is one man who's shaking things up in Akita. Part of "The Next Five" - a band of give Akita brewers whose aim is to create a new sake scene for today's younger generation. Yamamoto sake is very unique, refreshing, aromatic and invigorating. Owner and Master Brewer Tomo Yamamoto produces some of the most interesting sake in our portfolio. His Yamamoto label sake always sells out in Japan well in advance of the brewing year.


Yamamoto Yamahai Junmai Tensugi 720ml

Fermented in Japan’s one and only Tensugi tank - Japanese cedar native to Akita. Sophisticated palate of apple, citrus, peach. Cedar & spice increase as sake warms in the glass.

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Yamamoto Pure Black Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Modern, fresh junmai ginjo bottled a few days after pressing leaving a slight spritz. Sherbet, citrus peel, honeydew & minerals predominate.

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Yamamoto Akita Royal Straight Flush 720ml

5 Akita rice varieties + 5 Akita yeasts in 1 bottle of Junmai Daiginjo.

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