How to choose sake

Learning Japanese just to enjoy a drink is a big ask so we want to help where we can...

Sakeshop makes sake buying simple. Click on the filters to narrow down your search. Or read the tasting notes to get an idea of sake styles.

Where should I start?

A good place to start is the SAKE BY FLAVOUR filter. Choose from:


For the first bottle of a party or dinner ...

A ginjo is a great choice – premium sake that's generally light and fragrant. The Ginjo and Daiginjo styles of sake are more modern and have only been available on the market for the last 40 years.


If you’d like to try a more traditional old school sake ...

Pick the junmai filter.


If you’re after a sake to have with dinner ...

Different sake styles pair better with different courses. For light flavoured dishes you might like to opt for a honjozo, ginjo or a daiginjo. If you’re most likely to eat richer flavours go for a junmai.


If you’re after a sake for a special occasion ...

The daiginjo classification of sake is the most refined and pinnacle of the brewer’s talent. It’s often aromatic, fruity or floral and light and will satisfy the whim of somebody who needs to drink the best.


Of course when talking classifications like daiginjo, ginjo, junmai these are generalities and there are always many exceptions (and we have many exceptions on our website). For a better indication follow the flavour filters and sake profile listed on each product page.

In the end many people end up drinking the sake they like whatever the occasion, so if you’re able to lash out, pick a broad selection to experience a variety of styles.

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