Senbazuru Hanayaka Sumomo 500ml

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This delicious liqueur is made from a type of plum called Sumomo (not ume). Whole fruit are steeped in sake for a year and the liqueur then aged for an additional 3 years before release. The sweet rich Sumomo fruit has a nectar like character of stewed apricot, guava, muscat grapes and cognac. The finish is clean with fine tannins.

The brewer recommends serving over ice with equal parts soda but we love it well chilled served straight up. However you enjoy it don't forget to invert the bottle a few times to distribute the fine sediment in the bottle.

This surprisingly delicious drink makes a great ending to a meal.

  • Name:Senbazuru Hanayaka Sumomo 500ml
  • Brewery: Sato Shuzo
  • Brand:Senbazuru
  • Classification:Plum liqueur
  • Region:Oita, Japan


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.

Serving Temperature

Recommended range:
5-15℃ (chilled)

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