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Sake and shochu can be flavoured with fruit or juice and sweetened to create a myriad of delicious drinks that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner.

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Hanzo Umeshu 720ml

Amaretto-like nose, well balanced palate leaning on the dryer side of the fence for umeshu. Pristine ume fruit character and a clean finish make this a great choice for dessert or the cheese platter. Wakayama Nankou ume fruit.

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Toko Ginjo Umeshu 500ml

Triple crowned award winning umeshu. Pear, peach, guava, ginjo kasutori.

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Fukuraijun Koko Mirin 500ml

A rich dark mirin, bottle aged for ten years. Seaweed & chocolate aroma. Complex, rich satisfying palate. Reminiscent of PX sherry but not as sweet. Darkens and sweetens from the...

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Kirinzan Umeshu 720ml

Beautifully balanced, palate of Tougorou ume with crisp acid, almond, peach & apple brandy.

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Nagaragawa Marugoto Yuzu 500ml

A very different style of yuzushu. Whole organic yuzu fruit is soaked in superdry sake. Palate is pure yuzu rind with pleasant bitterness (think Amaro) and a dry finish. Serious liqueur.

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