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Sake and shochu can be flavoured with fruit or juice and sweetened to create a myriad of delicious drinks that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner.

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Hanzo Umeshu 720ml

Amaretto-like nose, well balanced palate leaning on the dryer side of the fence for umeshu. Pristine ume fruit character and a clean finish make this a great choice for dessert or the cheese platter. Wakayama Nankou ume fruit.

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Toko Ginjo Umeshu 500ml

Triple crowned award winning umeshu. Pear, peach, guava, ginjo kasutori.

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Kubota Passionfruit No Osake 500ml

Passionfruit pulp and freshly brewed Junmai Ginjo are left to macerate before pressing and bottling. There is no sugar added to preserve the tartness of the passionfruit and to create a crisp, clean style of liqueur to excite the palate.

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Fukuraijun Koko Mirin 500ml

A rich dark mirin, bottle aged for ten years. Seaweed & chocolate aroma. Complex, rich satisfying palate. Reminiscent of PX sherry but not as sweet. Darkens and sweetens from the...

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Kirinzan Umeshu 720ml

Beautifully balanced, palate of Tougorou ume with crisp acid, almond, peach & apple brandy.

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