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Sake and shochu can be flavoured with fruit or juice and sweetened to create a myriad of delicious drinks that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner.

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Momosuke Umeshu 500ml

Moreish, complex umeshu based on their award winning shochu - Shodai. Powerful aroma of Italian liqueur & fresh peach. Enjoy flavours of creamy barley, licorice, ume fruit, guava and fruit...

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Momosuke Ginger Umeshu 500ml

Aroma of sweet nutty gingerale. Palate is a balance of chinotto, ginger and ume fruit. As far as umeshu's go, this is more on the dry side. Refreshing, warming, invigorating. A little sweetness upfront, finish is like a dry ginger ale.

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