Pure rice sake

Junmaishu is considered both legally and stylistically as a premium sake although at the cheaper end of the spectrum. A brewer generally puts their heart and soul into their Junmaishu because it will be enjoyed by locals and be the bellwether to the rest of the portfolio. Expect richer more robust styles from Junmaishu and some that can enjoyed hot.


Hanzo Junmai Kioke Shikomi 720ml

Rare sake fermented in wooden barrel. Drink at 45C, a medium-dry sake with spiced orange, banana and buttercream.

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Kaze No Mori Omachi Junmai 720ml

Lemongrass, orange, nectarine, cherry, sugarcane and chestnut with integrated acidity. Umami in spades.

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Nagaragawa Junmai 720ml

Hugely popular in Gifu prefecture. Classic easy drinking pure rice sake, aroma of rice cooking on the hearth, hints of spice. Best warm.

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Wakatakeya Debut 720ml

This sake is brewed using the first strain of sake yeast ever isolated back in 1895. This is matched with Ahlberg Koji mold isolated over 140 years ago and the sake brewed using techniques used over 100 years ago.

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Takacho Junmai Bodaimoto 720ml

Bodaimoto is an ancient way of making sake from over 500 years ago. Rich and bold, enjoy flavours of manuka honey, citrus, ripe banana, chestnut, black muscat grapes and brown...

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