Pure rice sake

Junmaishu is considered both legally and stylistically as a premium sake although at the cheaper end of the spectrum. A brewer generally puts their heart and soul into their Junmaishu because it will be enjoyed by locals and be the bellwether to the rest of the portfolio. Expect richer more robust styles from Junmaishu and some that can enjoyed hot.


Hanzo Karakuchi 720ml

Clean, minerally palate with upfront sweetness and a dry finish. Drink warm or chilled. At 40C tastes sweeter & rice aromas abound.

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Yamamoto Extra Dry Dokara 720ml

Subtle lemon and bergamot on the nose. Clean refreshing palate with a slight spritz. Modern fresh dry sake by cult brewer Yamamoto.

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Kariho Rokushu Sparkling Sake 720ml

Premium medium-dry sparkling sake from Akita. Palate of lychee, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon and minerals.

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Hanahato Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml

Refreshing style of tokubetsu junmai, flavours of pear, lemon, rockmelon, sudachi peel and fine white pepper. Light spritz.

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