Wakatakeya Shuzojo

Wakatakeya Daiginjo Motenashi 720ml

Harmonious balance of pear, lychee, white flowers, melon, fennel, orange and banana.

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Wakatakeya Debut 720ml

This sake is brewed using the first strain of sake yeast ever isolated back in 1895. This is matched with Ahlberg Koji mold isolated over 140 years ago and the sake brewed using techniques used over 100 years ago.

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Wakatakeya Denbee Umeshu 720ml

Pure apricot, Seville orange, young whisky and very light tannins.

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Wakatakeya Koshu Genrokushu 720ml

Complex symphony of coffee, dark chocolate, burnt honey, toasted nuts, marzipan, dried plum, peat, kombu and savoury caramel.

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