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Sake and shochu can be flavoured with fruit or juice and sweetened to create a myriad of delicious drinks that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner.

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Nagaragawa Umeshu 500ml

A dry style of umeshu based on Nagaragawa +20 SMV superdry sake. No sugary lolly water here. Very adult, dry, crisp and refreshing style of umeshu with a hint of maraschino cherry.

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Hanamikura Yuzu Nigori 500ml

A big explosion of fresh yuzu flavour on the palate with mild acidity and a hint of sweetness. Low in alcohol 8%. Yuzu from Kochi prefecture is steeped in Hanamikura...

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Fukuraijun Ume Mirin 720ml

Rare premium mirin, clean and refreshing. Wakayama ume fruit steeped in three year aged mirin. Piquant ume balanced with natural sweetness of mirin with no added sugar.

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Fukuraijun Koko Mirin 500ml

A rich dark mirin, bottle aged for ten years. Seaweed & chocolate aroma. Complex, rich satisfying palate. Reminiscent of PX sherry but not as sweet. Darkens and sweetens from the...

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