Nara, Japan

Kaze No Mori Akitsuho 657 - 720ml

Pear, apricot, lychee, banana and umami rich. This sake is the symbol of Yucho Shuzo.

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Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 2 720ml

Nashi pear, melon, blood plum, orange and lemongrass. Milled to 22%, the lowest seimaibuai in the Sakeshop portfolio.

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Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 3 720ml

Lychee, melon, mandarin and juicy nectarine. Taste the freshness of nama in this one-time pasteurised version.

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Kaze No Mori Omachi 807 - 720ml

Lemongrass, orange, nectarine, cherry, sugarcane and chestnut with integrated acidity. Umami in spades.

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Kaze No Mori Tsuyuhakaze 807 - 720ml

Juicy apple, mandarin, sour grapefruit, banana lollies, limestone, melon and a splash of fresh cream.

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Kaze No Mori Yamada Nishiki 807 - 720ml

Kiwi fruit, new season pineapple, nashi pear, minerals and a hint of aniseed.

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Kirinzan Umeshu 720ml

Beautifully balanced, palate of Tougorou ume with crisp acid, almond, peach & apple brandy.

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Takacho Junmai Bodaimoto 720ml

Bodaimoto is an ancient way of making sake from over 500 years ago. Rich and bold, enjoy flavours of manuka honey, citrus, ripe banana, chestnut, black muscat grapes and brown...

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