Japanese Sake

If you've tasted Japanese sake before and only ever had a bad experience, prepare to be surprised because you've never tried sake like this. If you've never tried sake, prepare to enjoy a drink that has inspired artists, built a nation, emboldened samurai and inked ten million business transactions. Discover how delicious sake really can be with a collection of just a few of our favourites.

Japanese Sake

Kuromatsu Hakusen Kuro 720ml

Ultra premium sake with notes of honeydew, butter, almond meal and lemon myrtle. Fresh, elegant and refined. Gold Medal winner.

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Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu 300ml

Pure ginjo aroma and palate of melon and nashi pear. Juicy texture.

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AUD $21.95
Kubota Shuzo Kuranoyado 180ml

Palate of pear, rockmelon, apple, white flowers. A real crowd pleaser.

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AUD $15.95
Yamamoto Yamahai Junmai Tensugi 720ml

Fermented in Japan’s one and only Tensugi tank - Japanese cedar native to Akita. Sophisticated palate of apple, citrus, peach. Cedar & spice increase as sake warms in the glass.

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AUD $51.95
Toko Dewanosato Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml

A refreshing session sake. Imagine driving through Twin Peaks with melting snow surrounded by Douglas Firs while eating fruit salad of starfruit, spearmint and pear.

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Yamamoto Ice Pink 720ml

Superpremium sake. Black ruby plum, lychee, white flowers, sweet apple.

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Dewatsuru Daiginjo Koshu Ideha no Mezame 720ml

Aged Daiginjo to sip and savour. Kept in bottle at low temp for 20 years. Savoury caramel, honey, spice, pleasant astringency with a dry finish.

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AUD $288.95

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