Japanese Sake

If you've tasted Japanese sake before and only ever had a bad experience, prepare to be surprised because you've never tried sake like this. If you've never tried sake, prepare to enjoy a drink that has inspired artists, built a nation, emboldened samurai and inked ten million business transactions. Discover how delicious sake really can be with a collection of just a few of our favourites.

Japanese Sake

Hanzo & Junmai Daiginjo Omachi 720ml

Pure clean flavours of honeydew melon, licorice, sour plum, pear and a hint of lemon zest.

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Yamamoto Doki Doki 720ml

Junmai Ginjo with medium-dry palate of pink lady apple, unripened pineapple & fresh chinotto citrus.

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Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml

Pure ginjo aroma and palate of melon and nashi pear. Juicy texture.

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Daruma Masamune 3 Year Old Koshu 180ml

Dark praline, dried apricot and banana, coffee, chocolate and orange peel.

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Takacho Junmai Bodaimoto 720ml

Bodaimoto is an ancient way of making sake from over 500 years ago. Rich and bold, enjoy flavours of manuka honey, citrus, ripe banana, chestnut, black muscat grapes and brown...

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Daruma Masamune 5 Year Old Koshu 180ml

Rich umami, coffee, deep caramel, broth, brazil nut, dried banana.

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Kubota Shuzo Enryu 720ml

The palate is ripe pear, banana, grape, mild spice and fruit tingle (the yellow one). Embroidered gold label.

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Yamamoto Strawberry Red Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Refreshing sake with notes of wild strawberry, red currant, lemonade, crunchy apple and cranberry.

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Hanzo Karakuchi 720ml

Crisp palate displays green apple, orange, minerals and very mild cinnamon. Drink warm or chilled. At 40C tastes sweeter & rice aromas abound.

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Kaze No Mori Akitsuho 657 - 720ml

Apple, pear, jackfruit, fresh banana, umami rich. This sake is the symbol of Yucho Shuzo.

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Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 3 720ml

Lychee, melon, mandarin and juicy nectarine. Taste the freshness of nama in this one-time pasteurised version.

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Yamamoto Ice Blue 720ml

Top shelf sake. White peach, pear, sugar plum, quince.

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Senbazuru Aged Daiginjo 900ml

Layers of flavour are ever changing as the sake warms in the glass with custard apple, pineapple, brown sugar, raisin, melon and papaya.

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Hanzo Junmai Kioke Shikomi 720ml

Rare sake fermented in wooden barrel. Drink at 45C, a medium-dry sake with spiced orange, banana and buttercream.

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Yamamoto Turquoise Blue Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Light mineral, mandarin, new season stonefruit, impressive short clean finish.

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Yamamoto Akita Royal Straight Flush 720ml

5 Akita rice varieties + 5 Akita yeasts in 1 bottle of Junmai Daiginjo.

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Yamamoto Extra Dry Dokara 720ml

Subtle lemon and bergamot on the nose. Clean refreshing palate with a slight spritz. Modern fresh dry sake by cult brewer Yamamoto.

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Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 2 720ml

Nashi pear, guava, blood plum and lemongrass. Milled to 22%, the lowest seimaibuai in the Sakeshop portfolio.

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Oita Oni Koroshi Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Superpremium sake. Aroma of pear, pineapple & honey. Explosion of vanilla, orange zest, juicy melon & acacia honey. Gold Medal winner.

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Daruma Masamune 10 Year Old Koshu 180ml

Deep caramel, bone broth, currants, dried cherry, coffee bitterness, dark chocolate, with hints of cinnamon, fenugreek and basil.

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