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Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu 300ml

Pure ginjo aroma and palate of melon and nashi pear. Juicy texture.

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Senbazuru Yamahai Zukuri 720ml

Lemon, apricot and raisin with a clean finish.

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Toko Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan 720ml

Elegant sake ofripe melon, hints of orange rind, blossom & lemongrass. Local Yamagata ingredients.

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Oita Junmai Nama Sake 720ml

Unripe melon, apple, banana, butter, daidai citrus and subtle spice. Undoubtedly nama palate.

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Kubota Shuzo Toji Ikkon Nama 720ml

Master Brewer’s Cup. Non-charcoal filtered, unpasteurised & undiluted. Juicy mouthfilling palate, melon, butterscotch and cream.

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Kubota Yuzu No Sake 180ml

Pure expression of yuzu fruit. Slightly bitter rind character, balanced with a mild sweetness & the aromatics of yuzu citrus. Local Fukui yuzu is steeped in sake.

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Kubota Ume No Sake 500ml

Umeshu for grownups. Complex. A great balance of sweetness and acidity tempered with slight bitterness. Benisashi ume fruit (speciality of the region) steeped in Kubota sake with a little added sugar for balance.

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Kirinzan Brown Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Aroma of pineapple, grape and melon. A smooth medium dry palate of melon with a hint of roasted nut caramel.

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Hanzo Umeshu 720ml

Amaretto-like nose, well balanced palate leaning on the dryer side of the fence for umeshu. Pristine ume fruit character and a clean finish make this a great choice for dessert or the cheese platter. Wakayama Nankou ume fruit.

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Kaze No Mori Alpha Type 3 720ml

Lychee, melon, mandarin and juicy nectarine. Taste the freshness of nama in this one-time pasteurised version.

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Yamamoto Midnight Blue Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Fresh aromatic sake with peach, ripe melon, pineapple & orange.

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Wakatakeya Koshu Genrokushu 720ml

Complex symphony of coffee, dark chocolate, burnt honey, toasted nuts, marzipan, dried plum, peat, kombu and savoury caramel.

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Nagaragawa Umeshu 500ml

A dry style of umeshu based on Nagaragawa +20 SMV superdry sake. No sugary lolly water here. Very adult, dry, crisp and refreshing style of umeshu with a hint of maraschino cherry.

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Hanahato Kijoshu Aged 8 Years 300ml

The palate is a wild sweet/sour/savoury rollercoaster ride of toffee apple, honey, coffee, toasted hazelnuts and umami.

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Dewatsuru Junmai Daiginjo Marlin 720ml

A well balanced blend of honeysuckle, musk melon and ripe orange with hints of pleasant bitterness.

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Oita Oni Koroshi Daiginjo 720ml

Oita Brewery's top sake, front palate is ripe rockmelon and licorice. Rich, juicy mouthfeel & silky smooth finish.

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Senbazuru Aged Daiginjo 900ml

Layers of flavour are ever changing as the sake warms in the glass with custard apple, pineapple, brown sugar, raisin, melon and papaya.

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