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Sato Shuzo

Senbazuru Junmaishu 720ml

This sake is earthy, smooth and clean with an umami rich, creamy palate that treads the line between savoury and sweet. Enjoy 15-25C.

In stock
AUD $34.95
Senbazuru Kimoto Junmai 720ml

Old school kimoto, medium dry sake with palate of roasted nuts, dried apricot and burnt caramel. Drink 20C.

In stock
AUD $38.95
Senbazuru Daiginjo 720ml

Multi award winning, complex aromatic sake best enjoyed 15-20℃. When it hits temperature, there is an explosion of flavour across the palate, savoury n' sweet melon.

In stock
AUD $98.80
Senbazuru Yamahai Zukuri 720ml

Lemon, apricot and raisin with a clean finish.

In stock
AUD $38.95
Senbazuru Hanayaka Ume 500ml

Complex, refreshing, ume/peach/cherry palate with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

In stock
AUD $38.95
Senbazuru Hanayaka Sumomo 500ml

Made from a type of plum called Sumomo, steeped in sake for a year and aged for an additional 3 years before release. The sweet rich nectar like character of...

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In stock
AUD $42.95
Senbazuru Aged Daiginjo 900ml

Layers of flavour are ever changing as the sake warms in the glass with custard apple, pineapple, brown sugar, raisin, melon and papaya.

In stock
AUD $228.00
Senbazuru Minenoshizuku Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Light & refreshing, whispers of apple, pear, fennel, starfruit.

In stock
AUD $46.95

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